We are Sloan, Doug and Silas. We operate a brand studio where we run a variety of projects using a workshop model we call a Brand Sprint. We also create and share spaces in NYC and the Catskills.

This is a place for us to share the people we meet, the places that inspire us, and the things that we love.

If you'd like to learn more about our studio please visit

you can borrow our nyc studio

you can borrow our nyc studio

As our studio continues to evolve, we're always looking for new ways to increase our efficiency, lower our operating costs, and get more of our time back.

When we started traveling more for our assignments, we realized that our studio was just sitting empty while we were away and paying to try to replicate it in another market.

We've experienced services like Airbnb (which works great for borrowing homes for overnight stays), and Breather (for borrowing hourly conference rooms), but nothing that could give us what we needed in terms of functionality, comfort and atmosphere when diving into the workshops we do with our clients.

So we started a brand called Storm, where our goal is to help ambitious teams solve their own problems and envision their best future by helping bring the right elements together for productivity and creativity. 

Right now that means sharing spaces that we've optimized for this purpose, but in the future it could also mean sharing processes, talent, tools and supplies that fuel this goal.

The overall aim is to lower the barriers to 'group flow', optimizing for the quality and speed of a team's output. So far teams from Nike, Disney and Digital Ocean have used the space, not to mention our own clients like Vimeo, Casper, and Plated.

We've been focused on a workshop model with our clients over the past 5 years, and our space has been a key component in the outcomes of those projects.

You can borrow our studio, our cabin, and someday maybe even more spaces.

The environments we create continue to evolve as we work with more teams with different backgrounds, different dynamics and different challenges and goals in front of them. By opening up our spaces for more teams to work on their own we're hoping to continually learn and improve the environments and combination of elements.

While our studio in NYC is optimized for team workshops and presentations, our cabin in the Catskills is designed for a more individual work experience (plus overnight stay) while sharing the same goals of comfort, function and focus. 

This is a new journey for us, and we'll do our best to continue to share our thought process and progress as we go.

If you've had any experiences with off-sites, good or bad, we'd love to hear about them!

the upstate search

the upstate search

Slim and sturdy

Slim and sturdy